Alaska Community and Public Transportation Advisory Board


The Alaska Community and Public Transportation Advisory Board (C&PTAB) was tasked in AS 44.42 to “make recommendations for the improved agency coordination and combining of services to achieve cost savings in the funding and delivery of community and public transit services.” Through the course of its work, the C&PTAB conducted a number of studies and made recommendations to achieve this purpose.

The work of the C&PTAB ended in December 2016. Members of the group determined that implementation of the Interagency Coordination Recommendations would provide the best opportunity to achieve costs savings for human service and public transportation across state agencies, and offer Alaskans better options for mobility within their communities and access to services they need.

The work of the C&PTAB concluded a 7-year effort at improving the coordination of transportation services and funding across the State.  This work is too important to leave sitting on the shelf.  One of the elements of the Alaska Mobility Coalition Work Plan is to continue to review and disseminate the information contained in the final report.  We will look for ways to inform and advocate for the implementation of the findings and the continuation of the efforts for coordination at the State level.

For more information, visit the C&PTAB Website.